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Let's Plaster the Town in Vivid Black Paint!


Photo Credits to allmicksup and clockworksteve 


Vivid Black Paint provides supportive programming to Honor and Uplift Aspiring and Established Artists who identify as black, indigenous, or as persons of color and to provide welcoming space for people to smile, laugh, and be entertained with circus and art as a vital service to mental well being and social emotional development.


Vivid Black Paint is a non profit corporation and shall operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal Tax Code. 


To maximize impact and reach, we may collaborate with other initiatives and entities. 


Vivid Black Paint accomplishes Our Purpose through events and supportive programming for established and aspiring black artists, indigenous artists, and artists of color to provide their Creative Services to the world and build up their Supportive Networks. We also serve the community at large with joy and entertainment, primarily through art and circus.


Our Programming allows space for our artists to come together, build community, collaborate, exchange, mentor, and witness one another's art. 


Vivid Black Paint will also provide career pathways, internships, and volunteer opportunities within the organization for our artists. In turn, further Deepening Vivid Black Paint’s Impact and Mission.

Projection of Need

There are currently several great organizations that offer various supports for established and aspiring artists in the Twin Cities, and, that support career development and mentorship (ie Springboard for the Arts, YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities, West Broadway Business and Area Coalition, Summit Academy, etc). Vivid Black Paint will aim to partner with these organizations for community, funding, mentorship, and capacity building.

However, where we are truly important is that not only do we focus solely on black artists, indigenous artists, and artists of color, but, we also aim to address some of the more basic “Right Now” needs, such as housing through our Vivid Black Paint Community House, intended to build up our artists from where they are. In Minnesota in particular, we often rank the highest in education, health care and quality of living. However, this does not often apply to BIPOC individuals and fmailies. When it comes to the disparities of black communities such as those of Norther Minneapolis, they often are ranked with the greatest all around disparities in access and quality of life. It is now, in the midst of COVID closures and civil unrest, that housing and supportive programs are needed even mores for our communities and Vivid Black Paint wants to begin offering a pocket of relief.

*Programs Concepts*


Vivid Black Paint Community House

Vivid Black Paint Community House will feature income based living quarters, various creative spaces, such as a dance studio, art studio, and music studio, administrative and media center,  regular supportive programming, and a live in staff for residents to further develop their vision. Residents will be able to use spaces for planning, instruction, and administration to earn towards an income. When using our facilities...

...residents keep 100% of any profit.


There is a sense of security in knowing you have a safe place to sleep each night, especially one within the bounds of your financial capacity. There is also a sense of security in having a community of people you know you can rely on. We believe these benefits will allow our artists to delve deep into their creative passions, and to focus on their critical planning stage.

Vivid Black Paint World Program

To further support our creatives, we offer the "Vivid Black Paint World Program." This program will create opportunities for our artists to broaden their experiences, and therefore broaden their scope of what is possible. Through the act of travel, our creatives will be exposed to new norms, rituals, people, and, of course, art they may not have otherwise had access to. 

Learning something new, or perhaps even contradictory to what you think you already know, Will cause an internal conflict that Will challenge an individual to growth.

Only from continual and significant growth can one reach their Full Creative Potential.

Through our World Program, we will offer 2-4 national and international travel opportunities to our participants for them to see more of what the world at large has to offer.

Vivid Black Paint Circus Program

Another most unique component of Vivid Black Paint, is that we offer a Circus Arts program.

Although at first glance this may seem odd, like,... "Why circus?"

Well, in actuality having a unique specialty in such disciplines as aerial performance, fire breathing, acrobalance, or even clowning, is a highly marketable arts skill.

There is a plethora of opportunities for creative and financial independence through circus performance, instruction and studio ownership. There is also opportunity with Vivid Black Paint through our Circus Paint Coach and Coach Assistant Pathway program.


We also offer this programming because...

What does it do for a person's soul to literally, not just metaphorically, trust someone to hold them up in an acrobalance partnering class?

What does it mean to someone's self-confidence to autonomously hoist themselves up and reach a new height in an aerial rope class?

With circus, there are many components to explore and new challenges to take on.

We believe circus is a great tool for problem solving, complex thought, internal and external conflict resolution, mapping out the dynamics of "the approach," communication building, creative strategizing, and capacity building to break through self-maintained and societally reinforced barriers.


It is also scientifically supported that consistent participation in any form of physical fitness, positively impacts your overall well being, and activates positive hormone receptors in your brain. So, why Not circus?

Our Creative's Inspired 

LIFE Planning Curriculum

We have teamed up with Vivid LIFE Plans LLC!

Vivid LIFE Plans LLC is a small, black owned and female owned, company that builds curriculum workbooks, daily planners, worksheets, and basic start up "Branding Kits" for the "Creative with a Vision."

Their tools can also be paired with their consultation services for individuals, groups, or entities looking for a way to assist creatives towards their goals or looking to build a mentorship program.

They mostly work with arts and creative focus entrepreneurial endeavors and align perfectly with the Mission of Vivid Black Paint to service black artists, indigenous artists, and artists of color.

Vivid LIFE Plans has decided to gift us their services pro bono because they truly believe in what we are building at Vivid Black Paint and have built a custom designed workbook for our LIFE Planning program!

Our LIFE Planning program is for Resident and Non Resident participants of Vivid Black Paint Community House programs. Our LIFE Planning program follows the structure of the Vivid LIFE Plans curriculum and partners our LIFE Plan Participants with Paint Ambassadors, to begin a guided journey through the 4 stages of Personal and Profession Development.



participants use the opportunity to grow their skills and develop their interests and begin collaborating with their Paint Ambassador to explore their passions


once participants have developed their skills, they will work with their Paint Ambassador to begin applying what they have learned to then develop their vision for a career, project, or Venture


as participants find clarity in their vision, they will likely find that it requires a level of funding or they will be ready to earn funds and will work with their Paint Ambassador to secure funds or an appropriate apprenticeship, internship, or job, and, using the information collect they can have a better understanding of what their products or skills are worth, and build the language to advocate for it


now that they’ve successfully set forth on their LIFE Plan pursuing “Art-repreneurship,” or, one of the many careers that involve their art focus, LIFE Plan participants will then be expected to enrich others who may have not yet found their way by becoming a Paint Ambassador themselves, leading a workshop, leading a discussion, or collecting helpful resources or tips to be made available to others

This programming will be delivered in conjunction with various discussion forums and groups, guest speakers, mentorship, and workshops focused on developing tools to succeed.

The Non Residential LIFE Plan participants and Residential LIFE Plan participants will have access to all the offerings and events, a mentor, and oru LIFE Planning Workbook if accepted into the program. 

However, the Residential LIFE Plan program will also feature a communal living opportunity within the Vivid Black Paint Community House, where the Non Residential program components will most often be housed.



If you would like more information about Vivid LIFE Plans LLC, please visit their website at: 

Or reach out to them right away at:


This workbook is copyright protected material curated in collaboration with Vivid LIFE Plans LLC. It is intended for use of our LIFE Plan program participants and their mentor under the regulations of 501c3 Nonprofit Federal Tax Exempt status for Charitable and Educational purposes.

Meet Our Board!

President Matrelle Brown

Tre's favorite colors are Black and White, equal only to Red, and they want you to know that Vivid Black Paint will soon introduce you to a thriving community of creatives. They have been known to create innovative, "never too extra" props and dope dance skills.

From Tre: "I have been active in Minneapolis music and art scene since the early 2000's. I also have been involved in community based television, promoting POC artist and their goals."

Tre is looking forward to Vivid Black Paint interacting with the community at large while fostering new relationships.

One personal goal they have is to one day build and design an entire car... from scratch.

Treasurer Sam Pree-Stinson

More to Come ^_^

Secretary Lynn Lunny

Lynn's favorite colors are Orange and Purple and she wants you to know that Vivid Black Paint's Pop-up Circus and the planned show for June that is now happening in the fall is what inspired her to join                      the board. She loves that there is work being done to give                                             BIPOC artists space to create and have a voice. She'd like                                             to work in support of that. 

Lynn is an established seamstress                                                   as well as an experienced and well known                                                                circus coach on the Twin Cities. She has taught                                                               and performed all over the States! 

From Lynn: "As an artist & coach                                                                 of circus artists, I have strived to help                                                                         students create confidence and pride in their                                                          progress and work. I've worked as a coach for the                                                       past 13 years. I absolutely love watching students and                                           artists grow and step into their own movement and style. I've produced shows, helped with fundraising, and organizing events."

Lynn. is really looking forward to the Vivid Black Paint show and of course acquiring a building. She is so excited about the space, both physically and mentally, that will be available for BIPOC artists to create, grow, and explore.

One personal goal she has is to master a one armed handstand by the time she is 40!

Member Mick Castro

                                        Mick's favorite colors are... All of Them! 

                                              Mick thinks that Vivid Black Paint inspires the imagery

                                                 that Black and POC communities are very vibrant

                                                *communities that tell rich stories that need to be

                                                 heard and seen.

                                               From Mick: "I have done photos for and performed for

                                               the We Must Breath Pop-Ups over the summer. Before

                                              that I am a beginner learning aerial hammock. With

                                            painting, I actually draw mostly in inks or watercolors. I

                                        like to draw people in a cartoonish/anime style."

Mick is looking forward to this organization thriving. The mission to support and uplift POC artists is incredibly important to provide a platform for representation, community and opportunity.

Member Latrisha Vetaw

More to Come ^_^


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