Vivid Black Paint is recognized by the IRS under Revenue code IRC Section 501(c)(3). Our organization is an arts focused entity, built by BIPOC Creatives for BIPOC Creatives. Every sale helps to drive our mission forward to provide supportive programming and welcoming spaces for all. The biggest components of what we strive to offer is the Vivid Black Paint LIFE Plan Program and, eventually, our Community House which will create a communal artistic living space for BIPOC artists to share and grow their skills and talents. 

Vivid Black Paint is also building our circus based wellness program, a world travel program, and The Kickback.

We have built our site on a notable engine and update the information regularly. We value all of our patrons and donors and aim to keep sensitive information safe.

^_^ OUR COLORS ^_^

Did you know that our colors all have a special meaning?

Orange ... Energy for Learning

Hot Pink ... Implementation with Tenacity

Teal ... Financial Security

Purple ... an Excellence in Enrichment

These four colors make up the Pillars of our LIFE Program!


Hot Green which highlights the Vibrancy of Creation   |   Red helps us express our Steadfast Determination 

Yellow keeps to the forefront the Vivid Joy we hope to be a part of

Lastly, we have.... BLACK.

There are many debates about the "color" black. Is it the total and complete Absence Of Color OR the Summation Of Many Colors?

Well! In our many sophisticated, lab tested experiments, we found that if you put a bunch of colors together you tend to get brown and inevitably Black. 

Equipped with this indisputable evidence, we've come to the conclusion that... Black is many.

Therefore, for Vivid Black Paint, BLACK Represents ALL.

It Represents our Vision for Vivid Black Paint and Represents the People that we have Set Forth to Serve.


Vivid Black Paint ships using the US Postal service and ships to 48 of the 50 United States... states. We are currently not able to ship to Hawaii or Alaska.

The shipping rates are calculated by the US Postal service and typically delivered in 7-14 days. Once the package is shipped, patrons should receive a confirmation email with updated tracking information.


- Credit / Debit Cards


- Offline Payments

If you live in Twin Cities of Minnesota you can connect with us directly via email at or via text at 6124709014 for cash transactions.


Frequently asked questions

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